Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 weeks later...

So I had envisioned having a ton of extra time to blog, but we have been BUSY!

Right now we have housing set up to move into on the 24th. I am very happy about this because I am sick of my pets being in the kennel. They are at a nearby army base. I am worried about my Oliver pup. I travel an hour each day just to go to his kennel and walk him. I hired an army kid to walk him in the afternoons. He is so dirty, his ear is infected, and his behavior is all wonky. He has started marking and getting really aggressive at the front of other dog's cages. I can't wait to get him out, give him a bath, and start some training all over again. Only 5 more days.


"Geez mom, its HOT here in japan!"


This is a sign at the army base's dog park. Why is "pets" in paranthesis?


Playing at the dog park

I have started the job search and actually may end up with numerous odd jobs for awhile. There is a very part-time PT job, a yoga certification to become a substitute yoga instructor, and I am dabbling with the idea of becoming crossfit certified in october in okinawa. (I haven't talked to Evan about this one yet shhhh) Also Id like to teach a dance class on sundays. I am also going to apply for a fitness director position opening up soon. So I'm not sure what I will end up doing, but I am sure I will keep myself busy.

We got a car! A Mitsubishi pajero, which is actually a decent sized SUV. I have never driven a car this large, and it is so wierd driving on the opposite side of the street. My driving off base has been limited to the army base to see Oliver and company. Each time I drive, someone tries to kill me or themselves, but other than that its not too bad! The gas and brake pedals are not switched thank goodness. I do tend to turn on the wipers for the blinker however, because that is switched! Our driving class was quick and painless, but only taught us the road signs. Here in Japan, Americans are considered to be "professional drivers". Someone told us (so I am not sure how accurate this is) that most japanese people rely on public transit until they are older and can afford a car. So just because you see a 40 year old driving, he may have only been driving for 2 years. Still, being considered a professional driver is a bit wierd, and if there is any accident, regardless of who actually caused it, we are considered at fault. Since we are all Mario Andretti caliber drivers apparantly!


I fondly refer to it as the "Mack Truck"


The sticker on the front signifies that I am a new driver. I figure its my first year driving in japan so I apply. It is normally ment to be used by actual new drivers though!

We have gone on a couple "field trips" that I will blog about seperately. Evan went to Misawa Japan for work and will miss the big move into the new place.

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Baking Midwife said...

Poor Oliver :( I'm sure he'll be ok once you have him with you. How are Sweet Pea and Ben?
I cracked up at your remark about the driving - "...other than that it's fine." But please be careful! More stories soon please - about you and the "pets" too.