Saturday, October 16, 2010

Field Trip!

During our initiation week, we were required to go on a "field trip" to somewhere in Japan. We were to take the train, call to the base while off base, make it back in one piece, and then tell about our experience.

Our "teachers" in our initiation class gave us a few ideas of places to go in the local area. I was very interested in going to Kamakurra, Japan to see the Great Buddha and various shrines in the area. Fortunately, Evan was interested in this trip as well.

Navigating the train is not difficult for anyone except for me apparently. I caused us to miss two different trains and ended up extending the time of our trip by about 40 minutes. But in my own defense, I was still learning.

The trip took roughly an hour, and required 2 transfers. We got to see a beautiful view of the ocean on the way there.

First we stopped by the Great Buddha, a large bronze statue of the Buddha. It was damaged in the 15th century by a tsunami, but has survived. It has been reinforced in some places, especially the head. You can see the reinforcement inside the buddha which we were allowed to see inside for 500 yen. (about $5)



There are also many Buddist and Shinto shrines in Kamakura. The main, most popular one was Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū. We were also able to see this one on our trip. This is now a shinto shrine but was also a Buddist temple in the past. It is the main tourist attraction in the area. The entrance also leads straight down to the main street in town and all the way to the ocean.



Evan cleansing his hands outside the temple. I love the little Japanese girl staring at him.

If my pictures look foggy - its from the humidity. It was the hottest summer on record in this region of Japan - Ever.

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